Thursday, December 09, 2010

Don't Ignore Your Koi This Holiday Season

You may be busy with shopping or visiting family and friends. You might be constantly distracted by carolers at your door. Even though your Koi are dormant in the pond or tucked away in their winter tank, they still need some attention.

Take some time out of each day to watch your Koi to see how they are doing, even if it means bundling up and going outside (it helps to have some hot chocolate ready when you get back in.) Check each and every Koi in your collection for any health problems. Viewing your Koi will help you relax if you are feeling stressed out (it will also get you away from your inlaws.)

Inspect the air pump and the de-icer to see if they are working correctly. A powerful de-icer can trip a circuit breaker and the pond will lose power, cutting off the Koi’s oxygen supply.

If you escape the cold and take a vacation, have a friend or relative watch the Koi for you. Teach them how to take care of your collection, including any special instructions, by making a list and checking it twice. Give them a phone number to reach you by in case of any ponding emergency.

Koi & Christmas Parties

If you have an indoor pond and are hosting a Christmas party, your guests will naturally be drawn to the Koi. Try to keep your guest’s food and drinks away from the pond. Eggnog, fruitcake and pond water don’t mix well. Bad Christmas music will stress out the Koi and will bother some of your guests, play it in a different room to muffle it.

Koi as Gifts

Giving a Koi fish to a person as a gift is not usually a good idea, unless you have prior approval. Many hobbyists like to pick their own Koi, from their own trusted sources.

Can’t find a present for someone that has everything but also keeps Koi? A gift certificate from Koi Acres will spread some cheer, whether the person receiving it has been naughty or nice.

Happy Holidays!

-Michael Swanson

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Nagaoka Nogyosai Koi Show

The 2010 Nagaoka Koi show

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New ToMiGai Hobbyist Issue

ToMiGai released a new issue of their publication today.  Download a copy:

Issue Three - (view in Google Docs)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Back in Japan...

Its almost surreal, like waking up from a dream, or like I'm living two lives. Having spent so much time here, growing up, maturing into the person I am today. I've had many first time experiences here, such as buying a car, and living out on my own to name a few. Its different this time though, I'll be home before I know it. Unlike before, when I didn't know when I would next step foot homeland.

After being cramped up in the plane for twelve hours I was sent out into the orderly chaos known as Japan. Bombarded with all different pings, pongs & buzzers informing you of incoming planes & trains. I grew accustomed to the various noises when I was living here, but had forgotten them since. It almost feels foreign now, being thrown back into this plastic, futuristic, bustling country.

Currently I am in a hotel in Okayama. This trip will mark the first time I visit the breeders in Southern Japan, with plans to stop at Momotaro, Sakai & Omosako. I can't wait for the sun to come up...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Devin is on the way

Devin is in the air, on his way to the Kansai Insternational Airport in Japan!

A special man made island was built to house the Kansai International Airport right in Osaka Bay.  Currently, the island is 4.1 square miles in size.  Planned expansions in the future will increase its size to over 5 square miles.

Source: TDK Licensed Under: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Here is the concourse, it is the longest one in any airport in the world.
Source: 663highland Licensed Under: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

TKFGS 2010 Koi Show

Last weekend Devin traveled to San Antonio for the Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society's 18th annual Koi Show.  He gave a talk on living in Japan at the Marudo Koi farm.  Hobbyists from around the area brought their Koi fish to the show.

MMM Look at all that TOMIGAI Koi Food

A group of Gosanke

A Shiro Utsuri and a Showa


A jumbo Sanke

Getting ready to release the Koi

The Koi is in the tank

Koi benching and handling by the "World Famous" Texas Koi Wranglers

"Join to learn about Ponds, Koi, Goldfish and Water Gardening"

Some of the past Koi show winners

A Tancho Kohaku and a Showa

A Sanke and a Kohaku

Some of the tanks at the show, with protective screens

The Koi tanks were set up underneath the shelter

People visiting the Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society Koi Show

Netting the Koi for the judges to see

The judges are talking about the Koi

Devin Swanson of Koi Acres giving his talk on Life in Japan

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Display Pond is Empty

We moved the Koi that reside in the display pond during the summer into the Koi building. The move went well and all the fish are adjusting to their winter home. Here is a couple video clips of the move:

Here are some pictures of the Koi in the tanks:

Friday, September 17, 2010

ZNA Potomac Koi Show 2010 Part Two

Part two of the 2010 ZNA Potomac Koi Show: