Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sakai Fish Farm Spring Nishikigoi Auction

Devin has been invited to attend the SFF Spring Nishikigoi Auction taking place on the 22nd. Photos of the koi to be auctioned can be found at: If you see a koi that appeals to you, please get in touch with Devin before March 20th to discuss which koi you would like to bid on. You can reach him at: Please include the Number (ex. No. 14, ect.) of the koi and maximum amount that you would like to bid, in Japanese Yen, on your select koi. Please keep in mind that Koi Acres will charge a commission fee on top of the winning bid price. Winning bid price does not include any shipping fees or grow out fees should that option be available. Further details and questions can be answered by contacting Devin.