Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rental car conundrum...

I'm back in Japan, down in Hiroshima looking for koi at the moment. First stop: Omosako. The plan was to rent a car to get around. I first tried to make a reservation online prior to coming here but, I couldn't get any of the rental car websites to work. I wrote it off as possibly being a server problem due to the recent events here, so I just decided to go get a car in person.

I walked over to the closest rental car place from my hotel, one that I had tried to make a reservation online. Upon asking whether the had any cars available I was told that they were sold out for the day... At the next place it was the same story. I ended up going to five different rental car shops, but they were all sold out! I decided to give Omosako a call to inform them of my dilemma, I asked them if I could reschedule for the day after. To my surprise Omosako graciously offered to come pick me up!

I spent the afternoon with Omosako picking out nisai & tosai Shiro Utsuri to bring home. I'll upload some pictures later. For now I'm off to pick up a rental car and head over to Sakai. They said they don't have much available right now, but it will be fun to visit regardless!

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